18 April 2018

ColorBox Studios, Cape Town
So most couples tend to have ‘their song’ – a special and significant track to describe their relationship. Since Vasti says she was hooked on a feeling from the moment she met Marc, it seems appropriate that ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ by Blue Swede was their first dance track!

I just love how Vasti describes their relationship: “He’s the logic & safety to my dreams and chaos. How we’ve made it work in business and life still is quite the question, but I suppose its no use having two of the same exact thing when you can have two complementing things. I really stumbled upon a pot of gold without a rainbow in sight.”¬†What a beautiful picture of how opposites attract and instead of compromising who we are or trying to change the other person, our differences can compliment each other.

Marc & Vasti are the power couple behind Jack Rabbit Mobile Kitchen, and so obviously they would co-cater at their own wedding! Together with Boulevard 82, guests had a delicious variety for dinner – I am totally in favour of this current wedding catering trend! It really gives a big wedding event an intimate and casual feel.

I really had such fun photographing these easy going newlyweds and their bridal party. The sunset absolutely transformed the industrial area surrounding the venue and this lot just proved that love and joy makes things beautiful.

Marc & Vasti, I so enjoyed getting to know you two and spending the day celebrating with you! May you forever be hooked on this feeling.

Venue // ColorBox Studios, Cape Town

Flowers  // Langkloof Roses

Decor // Petra Vonk Design

Dress // Monique Penwarden

Hair & makeup // SheWolf

Catering // Jack Rabbit & Boulevard 82 food trucks

Cakes // Tessa’s Bakery

DJ // Lee Carver